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With the global leisure marine market changing in some sectors beyond recognition, and with traditional lines of supply coming under increasing threat from new and more aggressive remote sources of supply, it has never been more important to become totally connected with your export business.

Sales Management

As manufacturer representatives, I•M•D•S’s main role is to sell the product. It is important to avoid offering distributors a large list of products to pick from, and instead, marrying a product with the ideal distributor, and helping them achieve progressive results. I•M•D•S believes that manufacturers should have direct contact with their distributor in each territory, resulting in a close working relationship between the two. This transparent method of working achieves a better, more structured growth for a more solid future. By using this direct method of working, I•M•D•S does not become an expensive link in the chain.

Direct Access to EU

Taking on popular products which have been available in Europe for some time can be a challenge, however the goal remains the same. Increasing business and market share requires careful assessment of a products’ place within the current market. Making sure that sales staff are competent technically and fully understand the functionality and installation process of a product is another area where IMDS can help. If an existing product has lost market share, understanding how lack of pull through and maybe changes in market trends within a particular territory maybe part of the problem. Having this information quickly and efficiently is critical to getting things back on track.

Market Intelligence

With over 50 years’ working in the European marine market IMDS offers customers a unique and broad knowledge of the industry. Whether a product is ideal for direct OEM consumption or packaged for retail sale through distribution IMDS will assess and propose the most effective line of supply for your product or range into the market. Developing close, open relationships with the companies we represent is one of the keys to our success. I•M•D•S offers a unique flexible sales and marketing service to manufacturers wishing to start, or develop existing business throughout Europe and further afield.

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