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Effective sales representation for Europe and beyond

Actions speak louder than words!

As manufacturer representatives, I•M•D•S’s main role is to sell the product. It is important to avoid offering distributors a large list of products to pick from, and instead, marrying a product with the ideal distributor, and helping them achieve progressive results. I•M•D•S believes that manufacturers should have direct contact with their distributor in each territory, resulting in a close working relationship between the two. This transparent method of working achieves a better, more structured growth for a more solid future. By using this direct method of working, I•M•D•S does not become an expensive link in the chain.

We work on a strict no win no fee basis.

Our services include:

Sales Management

Our goal is always the same: Increasing business and market share by using a proven and transparent method.

Direct Access to EU

IMDS is an experienced sales company already in the EU territory. We are familiar with the area and have good prospects ready to consider the new line.

Market Intelligence

Through the years, we have developed a strong understanding of marine market and we can assist you in tailoring your offer to generate sales.

Making an Impact Across Europe

Whether a product is ideal for direct OEM consumption or packaged for retail sale through distribution IMDS will assess and propose the most effective line of supply for your product or range into the market.

Who we represent

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