Maskinfabriken G-C A.B. Appoints IMDS as Representative
Design, manufacturing and sale of steel equipment for boating business since 1980

Maskinfabriken G-C A.B is pleased to announce the appointment of IMDS as Sales Representative for the European market of the G-C Boathandling Systems product area. IMDS will be responsible for facilitating the sale and engineering support of the product portfolio into new customers within the European market.

Lennart Carlsson (CEO), says, “We are very excited to have IMDS to support us during our introduction of the new product family LCFg/LCMg/LCKg in all the regions they serve to provide a local professional staff that is experienced in the sales of engineered products to OEMs directly or through valid distribution partnerships.”

About Maskinfabriken G-C A.B.
Maskinfabriken G-C A.B. is a smaller enterprise (fourth generation family business) founded 1964. Since 1980 we design, manufacture and sell steel equipment for boating business (shipyards & marinas). The boating product area is marketed as G-C Boathandling Systems. The company is in an expansive phase with headquarter/design/production/warehouse in our own premises located in Tyresö, (Stockholm/Sweden), focusing on rational and environmentally sustainable inhouse and outsourced manufacturing.

About International Manufacturers Direct Sales (IMDS)
As manufacturer representatives, I•M•D•S’s main role is to sell the products. It is important to avoid offering distributors a large list of products to pick from, and instead, marrying a product with the ideal distributor, and helping them achieve progressive results. I•M•D•S believes that manufacturers should have direct contact with their distributor in each territory, resulting in a close working relationship between the two. This transparent method of working achieves a better, more structured growth for a more solid future. By using this direct method of working, I•M•D•S does not become an expensive link in the chain.

For additional information please contact:

Maskinfabriken G-C A.B
International Manufacturers Direct Sales
+46 8 7125090

International Manufacturers Direct Sales (IMDS)