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Robust electrical distribution and protection products for demanding applications where downtime is not an option.

EGIS Product Range

Power Distribution

Fuse Blocks

Time delay relays

Automatic Charging Relays (ACRs)

Solenoids / Power Switching Relays

Power Distribution Module
14 outputs (expandable to 31 outputs).

Extremely compact all-in-one power switching and circuit protection solution provides three (3) configurable output groups each programmable to be either 24/7, ignition switched on/off, or time delayed off. Seven ground return screws can support up to fourteen (14) wires. Ten (10) outputs @ 1-25 Amp, Three(3) outputs @ 1-45 Amp. LEDs for each output indicate off, on, fuse blown, over/under voltage, and over-temperature. Optional integrated mechanical kill switch eliminates need for breakers when power fed by OEM fuses.


Designed for harsh environments with three control wire connection options including Deutsch DT/AT connectors. The family includes a 160 Amp Dual Battery ACR or a Triple Battery 2×80 Amp ACR, both available in either 12 or 24 volt models. Both products deliver a wide range of functionality improvements beyond current industry solutions, including adjustable connect and disconnect voltage set points, dual engine compatibility, and remote relay expansion capability.


Sealed blocks with 12 Position MX-150 integrated connector provide several variations of connection between wires, each with a high power M6 I/O terminal stud connected to one of the terminal groups. Eliminates unreliable butt splice connections, simplifies connecting more than 2 wires, and provides combination solutions that allow signal interconnection with ground return collection. 150 Amps max rating on M6 I/O terminal.

Harsh environment mobile electric

Egis is committed to develop and deliver the most compelling and robust solutions for harsh environment mobile electrical and electronic systems. Egis appreciates your feedback and any suggestions you may have for new application solutions.

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